Monday, May 29, 2017

Using a facial cleanser as a beauty treatment

Today, I want to talk about an important part of any skincare regimen — that most people are doing wrong.

In fact, I’m willing to bet you just did it this morning… and it could be leading to dry skin, deeper wrinkles, enlarged pores, and increased signs of overall aging.

I’m talking about face-washing.

As you know, without proper cleansing, your skin can become damaged, inflamed, and even broken-out from the dirt, oils, and toxins of the day. It may even appear to age faster!

But contrary to popular belief, cleansing isn’t just about getting rid of dirt. It’s also an opportunity to get massive anti-aging benefits… if you’re using the right cleanser...

While using the wrong cleanser could actually do the opposite.

Now, you might be asking yourself:

“Is it really that big a deal if I’m using an ordinary cleanser? It’s just soap, right?”

Well, quick story —

One of my patients (we’ll call her Jan) came to me specifically for her dry skin.

Now, dry skin is very common, especially over age 40, and can usually be corrected with a high-quality moisturizer.

But Jan’s dry skin was actually worsening her lines and wrinkles. And no amount of moisturizer (or even wrinkle serum) helped.

Neither did changes to her diet, or her sun care regimen — my first two suggestions.

At first, I couldn’t figure it out! She was using a very good moisturizer and a great wrinkle cream — so she should have been seeing some improvements.

Then it dawned on me.

I asked her, “What cleanser do you use?”

“Oh, just some cheap stuff from the drugstore,” she said. “All cleansers are pretty much the same, so I’d rather invest in good creams instead. They’re what really matter, right?”

And that’s the problem. Most people don’t know how important using the right cleanser is…

So of course they don’t want to shell out $100 or more for a good one. I wouldn’t either!

But if Jan were using a great cleanser, she could have more hydrated skincleaner poresreduced signs of aging… and a more youthful overall complexion. (Plus, all those creams she’s been investing in would work even better!)

So what is a “great cleanser?”

In my medical opinion, a facial cleanser must have these four components to qualify as “high-quality”:
  1. A cleansing factor. This is a molecule that binds to surface dirt, oil, and debris — but also binds to water so it gets washed away. All cleansers do this (even cheap ones), but lower-quality ones will leave a filmy residue behind.

  2. A “low pH” factor. A cleansing factor works at the surface level — but it's deep-down dirt that really dulls skin and enlarges pores. That’s why all good cleansers must have a high-quality acidic (or “low pH”) component to fully dissolve impurities deep inside pores. Some high-quality cleansers contain a “low pH” factor.

  3. A hydrating factor. Since cleansing factors can have a drying effect, they have to be balanced with something that helps your skin retain moisture, like Hyaluronic Acid. (If your skin feels dry or unpleasantly “tight” after you wash your face, your cleanser is probably MISSING a hydrating factor.)

  4. An anti-aging factor. Cleansing is prime time to deposit potent anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants, peptides, and botanical extracts deep into pores, since skin is “open” and ready to receive nutrients during cleansing. Most cleansers do NOT have an anti-aging factor!  

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