Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quick And Dirty Beauty hacks

 Hi, there! today is  a new addition to the ask the beauty podcast. I dont always have time to do a full episode, I have clients to take care of and I produce three podcast and I am the author of three blogs.. However, I do want to stay connected to you, and since i answer questions about health and beauty daily, most of the question I get only require a stort answer which generally I respond to by email. I got this brilliant idea of just sharing with you a very short weekly Q and A  answering some of the most frequently asked questions. also I am sharing a weekly a quick beauty hack or tip with you. keeping short and sweet. But, dont worriy I still will be doing  full episodes in between these shall we say quick and dirty weekly tips.  So let get started with first installment

here is a oustion i have andwers many times

1. Some creams come with a thin plastic lid under the cover. Should I keep it or toss it?

Now I think you that were talking about here its that tin white disk that comes  under the lid of your cosmetic jars. 

Here is my answer to that question

 While packaging a product , sometimes you have to give extra barriers to make sure that the ingredients doesn't change their structure/efficiency due to atmospheric conditions. Many  are also used to retain volatile ingredients . So if the lid is given in the pack it has some part to play so never throw it .

Keep it,   Exposure to light and air breaks down many active ingredients, including vitamin C and retinol, making them in efective. Also, store these products in a cool, dark place to help maintain their efficacy.
Get red-carpet skin with some pink magic.  I’m talking about a facial mask using Pepto Bismol.  It contains salicylic acid which opens your pores and helps you shed your skin.  Apply a thin layer and leave on until dry.  Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

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