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What is a Splash Mask

 Korean beauty has taken over and one of the largest areas of it is masks. Our obsession with sheet masks is all thanks to K-beauty, but they aren’t the only masks to choose from. There are countless different masks on the market including packs, patches, and your usual clay and charcoal varieties. Modeling masks have generated a lot of buzz not just because they are fun to peel off, but the latest mask category that has us intrigued is splash masks.

What is a splash mask, exactly? It's a potent liquid blend of good-for-you ingredients that are patted onto the face with your fingers. Splash masks promise to target a myriad of different skin issues, just like traditional face masks do, yet their results are immediate. And no, immediate isn't an exaggeration; we're talking 15 seconds to better skin. How can this be possible?
According to Korean skincare expert, splash masks have historical origins. "Splashing the face with milk or botanical-infused waters after cleansing comes from a centuries-old Korean bathhouse tradition to clarify and brighten," . In fact,    Splash masks are simply the modern take on this age-old ritual.
 I was more than excited to try splash masks out for myself. Sometimes, after a busy day of work and errands, I can't work up the motivation to apply a messy clay mask, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then start the painstaking process of removal. Just like everyone else, I want fast and easy results. (Is this laziness or a love of efficiency? Maybe a little bit of both.)

 For starters, the name itself is confusing. What kind of mask could you possibly “splash” on?

 All you do is add to water, splash on face, then pat dry. Yes, there is actually some splashing involved.

Apply a splash mask after washing your face. Since you actually leave it on, and don’t wash it off like traditional masks, the next question is are they any different from a toner or serum? And the short answer is yes.
“Splash masks are watery in consistency, similar to a toner or essence, but have a different texture than a serum,
There are a variety of formulations for a wide array of skin types, but “if you have with blemish prone skin, you’ll benefit the most from splash masks, as they contain AHA and glycolic acid,”
Since most splash masks contain exfoliants like AHA, glycolic acid and citrus ingredients,  We suggests only using them 2-3 times a week and following instructions carefully.
If you're in an experimental mood, shop one of our recommended splash masks below!

They Are Really, Really Potent

There’s only a couple of ways you can make a regular mask work faster: Heat up your skin. Use a dermaroller first. Or, you can use a super-concentrated version.

How to Use Splash Masks the Traditional Way

Splash masks were made to be diluted about 1:20, with a capful (about 0.5 oz) diluted in 24 oz water. To ensure proper dilution, you may want to take a measuring cup or bowl with you, fill to 24 ounces. Fill the cap with the splash mask formula. Then apply the splash mask formula all over your face for 5-10 seconds. Be gentle, and pat the formula onto your skin — quickly and evenly. Then rinse with the measuring cup or bowl of water.

My Hack for Using Splash Masks in a Faster Way

I personally don’t have the patience for measuring water in bowls, or even remembering to bring measuring cups into my bathroom. The best way for me is to measure out half a capful into my hands, gently pat it all over my face, and then get in the shower. Once I’m in the shower, I’ve found that my usual routine — shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash — removes all traces of the splash mask, and gives the splash mask enough time to work. This may be too much time for the splash mask to be left on those with sensitive skin, however.
 If you're in an experimental mood, shop one of our recommended splash masks below!


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