Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beauty and the Business

Listen in to my Interview with Meghan Montgomery and learn what she is doing to build a successful skin care business.

MLM: multi-level marketing
What mental images, visceral reactions, and emotional triggers does that phrase induce? Slimy, pushy sales people? Obnoxious friends throwing product parties and pressuring you to host? Acquaintances dropping the name of their brand at every chance they get during conversation?
 Yes, we’ve all experienced our fair share and, yes, this is the downside to MLMs, however I want to show you the upside and then maybe you’ll see why brand representatives are so eager and passionate about their work.
Remember the Avon lady? Tupperware parties? Mary Kay pink Cadillacs? Electrolux door-to-door salesmen?
These direct selling companies began as single-level marketing companies but then adopted the multi-level marketing structure. MLM companies have traditionally been an excellent way for stay-at-home mothers and wives to earn a little side cash. Even if you love your spouse, your children, and tending the home, it’s always empowering to earn your own money.

 Some families or individuals take on an MLM because two (or more) incomes are necessary to cover expenses and perhaps keeping the children at home is a priority. There are all sorts of life situations that require non-traditional extra income and MLMs help meet that need. A service provider (massage therapist) might take on an aligned MLM product to supplement her income.
Early MLMs were typically brands of household, beauty, and health products. Brands that appealed to women were what women were good at selling and recommending to their friends.
Then along came the company Amway which changed the tone of MLMs. It’s reputation is the poster child of all that’s undesirable about MLM companies: pushy sales people, disguised sales calls, cult-like pressure tactics, and over-inflated income promises. (In all fairness, I believe Amway has changed their ways under pressure of the legal system, but the stereotypical reputation has yet to be fully shaken off.) READ MORE HERE
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