Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hide Your Dark Circles Like a Makeup Artist

Whether the cause is genetics  or last night's Netflix binge, those deep, dark, annoying AF under-eye circles are now this morning's most difficult problem to hide. For some reason, no matter how much concealer you cake on, the evil darkness seeps through, and you end up with a cakey mess -- simply highlighting the problem instead of erasing it.

In order to put an end to the struggle once and for all, we had makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes walk us through in detail the steps to hide dark circles with makeup. 

Step 1: Pick a Peach Concealer To cover dark circles, choose a peach-toned concealer, which will counteract the bluish-purple color of your under-eye area. The general rule of thumb for picking a concealer for dark circles is the fairer your complexion, the more white or pale pink you want your concealer to be. If you have more of an olive or darker tone to your skin, reach for a concealer that has more orange or red tones to it.

Here, Katie uses a concealer with a hint of peach. She likes Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, $26, because it comes in all different shades ranging from peach to reds and oranges.

Step 2: Blend, Blend, Blend Blend in the concealer with a flat, firm brush like Real Techniques Oval Brush, $13. Katie prefers using a flat brush because you get the same pressure as a fingertip when applying, but less of a mess.

Step 3: Pat, Don't Rub Gently tap over your concealer application with your fingertip to remove any excess and make it look more like real skin.

Step 4: Conceal Again Now, apply your regular concealer (the one you typically use to cover redness or blemishes on other parts of your face) over the area. Katie's current favorites are Urban Decay Weightless Concealer, $28 and NARS Creamy Concealer, $29. 

Step 5: Blend Again Using your brush again, blend your second concealer well. Blend it downwards (covering more than just the dark circles) to add brightness wherever your face needs it. 

Step 6: Tap Again Again, use your fingers to blend over all of the concealer that you applied to remove any excess that your skin simply doesn't need. If you're worried about the concealer settling into any wrinkles, Katie says this is the crucial step to remember to make sure that excess makeup doesn't hang around. 

Step 7: Powder Time Set your concealers with a light dusting of powder -- a very soft brush will give you the best result.

If you're always on the go, opt for a pressed powder like NARS Perfecting Powder in Translucent, $37.

If you have a darker complexion, choose a powder with a peach tone so it won't have an ashy effect on the skin once applied.

And if you're worried about wrinkles being visible when the makeup sets, use a superfine powder like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, $25.

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