Wednesday, September 28, 2016

3 positions for better skin

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Can you do a headstand? If so, you’ve got a BIG advantage in the fight against aging.

Of course, if you’re like most people, you probably can’t. And that’s okay...

 Because today I’m going to show you an easy way to get all the beauty benefits of this tricky movewithout having to actually stand on your head (or even breaking a sweat!).

Why am I so excited to be sharing this “cheat” with you?

Well, if you want to maintain an ageless appearance, it turns out that doing headstands can help...a LOT...and in several different ways.

I actually learned about the youth-preserving power of headstands thanks to a good friend — who heard about it from her yoga instructor.

And he’s not alone…according yogis everywhere, the beauty benefits of headstands are very real.

Want to fight grey hair? Doing a headstand increases blood flow to your head, which helps deliver more nutrients to your scalp.

And since more nutrients means stronger, healthier hair1, spending some time upside-down can help your strands to better retain their color — and, for some people, may help lower the risk of going grey prematurely.2

Is gravity bringing you down? A headstand can help to (literally) reverse its unwanted effects — the ones that cause your complexion to loosen and sag over time.

Because when you’re upside down, gravity will be pulling your skin back UP instead. This can help give your face a temporary ‘lifting’ effect, and is believed to have long-term benefits in the fight against ‘droopy’ skin as well.3

Does your complexion need some color? As with your hair, a rush of blood to the head brings extra nutrients to your face as well — plus, it stimulates the flow of oxygen throughout your skin.4

And the benefits are instantly visible. As soon as you’re upright, you’ll see a rosy flush of color in your cheeks, a healthy glow on your face...

In fact, your complexion will look more vibrant and energized all-around — and your skin may even feel temporarily firmer too.

Now as I said, most folks can’t do a headstand…

...but nearly everyone can fake it!

Here are 3 easy positions that can give you the same beauty-boosting blood rush:

Note: Even though these are mock-headstands, I don’t recommend trying any of them if you have blood pressure problems, and you should stop right away if you feel pain or dizziness. Remember, as with any new activity, it’s best to consult with your doctor before adding these positions to your daily regimen.

Level 1: Totally Effortless
Headstand pic 1

Level 2: Very Easy
Headstand pic 2

Level 3: If You’re Up For a Little ChallengeHeadstand pic 3
Just hold one of these positions once a day, for no more than 30-60 seconds, to get the blood, oxygen, and essential nutrients flowing…

Then lift yourself upright very slowly (changing the direction of blood-flow too abruptly can make you feel lightheaded)...

Look in the mirror…

And you should see a healthy, youthful flush of color every time!

I’ve already tried all of these headstand cheats myself...and I’ll definitely be making “upside-down time” a daily ritual.

After all, the perks sound too good to pass up — especially when there’s an EASY way to get them.

Your Beverly Hills MD,

Dr. John Layke
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