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Winter skin care tips & tricks

 With winter's  on its way its time to change up your skincare routine a bit...i would really recommend  that first  you transition into winter  with   professional resurfacing treatment to renew your skin by getting rid of any old dead or sun damaged skin cell. resurfacing treatments such as glycolic peels, herbal peels, pumpkin peel  or any type of facial peel that is performed by a esthetician  or in a spa.. these peels can be just as effective as a laser treatment and cost much less. seek out a good facialist and talk to them about the right face peel for you.. second  summer skin needed lots of hydration, but winter skin care become more oil dry so now  look for moisturizers that contain nourishing oils and  good skin barrier protection.. lots of companies are now offering  facial oils to complement  their moisturizer.use  these oils under your regular face moisturizer   and few drops in your body lotion  the rule of thumb is one drop for every ounces of lotion..oils such as sweet almond oil are  wonder for the skin, rosehips great for all skin types jojoba is a terrific  oil for oily or combination skin types. creams with shea butter for dry and very dry skin, work like magic to soften away dry rough skin.. look for skin care with protective barriers such as dimethicone or beeswax.

It's everyone's dream in the dead of winter: to have dewy skin that's immune to the effects of icy temps, whipping winds, and Sahara-like heating. Good luck with that, right?

"The air is frigid and dry outside, and any kind of indoor heat leaves it even more parched. Your skin's protective barrier cracks, making it less able to repair itself," says San Francisco dermatologist It becomes a vicious cycle unless you do something to prevent it—or treat it fast."

Here, just in time: a guide to protecting your most moisture-starved parts so you can stay soft and smooth all season long

Smooth as you soothe

Extra-dry skin like on dry upper arms can trigger a flare-up of keratosis pilaris, that annoying rough skin, 

Try a lotion with salicylic acid to exfoliate dead cells around your hair follicles and reduce the appearance of bumps." We like CeraVe Renewing SA Cream ($23; mass retailers).

Handle with care

To prevent chapping parched hands, embrace wipe-off, soap-free cleansers and alcohol-free hand sanitizers.

"They're less drying than washing repeatedly with soap and water,It's the wet-dry, wet-dry that really sucks the moisture out of your skin.

When you do wash, choose a moisturizing soap-free cleanser or a hydrating antibacterial gel, then slather on lotion right away.

Glove up

Anything that creates an occlusive barrier (i.e., traps moisture) on skin helps lotions and creams soak in. So slip on some cotton gloves over lotion to help moisturize parched hands.

Even wearing them for an hour can really soften up your skin,. Start with Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand cream

Just add honey

To soften stubborn dry patches on rough elbows and knees, opt for a rich, hydrating scrub. "I use a simple mix of honey and sugar," says Ford makeup artist Lisa Trunda. Studies show that humectant honey reduces inflammation, and sugar (applied topically) increases circulation in skin, 

"This can be especially helpful in winter when blood flow is typically diverted from the skin to keep your core warm."

Milk it

If your arms or legs look scaly, try a 12 percent lactic acid lotion like AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion ($15; drugstore.com).

"Cleopatra used to bathe in milk because of the lactic acid,It's an incredibly effective moisturizer, and it also works as a powerful exfoliant, so those scales go away."
Next: Layer up 

Layer up

For arms, legs, and torso, start with a rich bath oil or moisturizing body cleanser, something that leaves a creamy film on your skin," 

Add oils to your body lotions  mix with  natural oils such as olive, sesame, sunflower, evening primrose.

Follow with a generous slathering of lotion once you’ve toweled off.

Exfoliate lightly

"It'll brighten your skin, and your moisturizer can penetrate better if you don't have a 50-car pileup of dead cells.

Pick super-gentle exfoliators when using for chest and back.

Treat feet at night

For roughed-up feed, before bed, gently buff away calluses with a hydrating scrub or pumice stone, and apply a thick, buttery moisturizer while feet are still damp, (If this doesn’t help, you may need an OTC or Rx cream containing glycolic acid or urea that exfoliates while it moisturizes.) Then wear socks overnight.

"If you do that religiously for a month, the changes will be magical."

Keep showers short

A long, hot bath or shower might seem tempting when you've been out in the cold, but it will strip your skin of moisture,

If you like warmer showers—and who doesn't?—keep them to no more than 10 minutes, and not more than once a day.


Pick the right PJs

The softer your sheets and sleepwear, the better, but you needn't invest in silk. Tightly woven natural fabrics like cotton or cotton flannel are best for patients with sensitive skin or eczema,

Avoid blends of cotton and synthetic fibers, which might be irritating.

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