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Health Problems Faced by Women after Their 40s

Health Problems Faced by Women after Their 40s

As we grow old, we become more prone to illnesses. Women are particularly susceptible to a range of illnesses or diseases specific to their gender. The age of 40 is often a time of transition for men and women. It is also a milestone that should be celebrated.  However, before reaching or even after reaching this age, you will notice numerous changes in your body. Lets discuss the most common health problems faced by women in their 40s.


At this age, you will probably start to notice frequent back pains. In fact, you might experience it even before you turn 40. Women are more prone to osteoporosis than men. This phenomenon also develops during the pre-menopausal stage, as a womans bones become weak; if left untreated, it can lead to breakage. Most of the time, women who leave their osteoporosis symptoms untreated often break their hip, spine, or wrist bones. There are plenty of risk factors associated with this disease occur, such as:

·         Gender
·         Age
·         Genetics
·         Body size
·         Ethnicity

Dont worry, however, because there are ways to prevent osteoporosis. First of all, dont ignore your back pains. Have your back checked, especially if youre nearing the age of 40 or have already reached that age? Your doctor will likely prescribe analgesics as a treatment for back pain. He will also prescribe for your osteoporosis: calcium and vitamin D, as well as advise you to exercise regularly. Strength training is very ideal for women at this age. Other types of treatment for back pain include acupuncture, massage, and yoga. Practicing yoga is particularly helpful as it strengthens your muscles and improves posture and flexibility. It is also bested that you stop any kind of vices that you may have, such as smoking and excessive drinking. This is really the time for you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


This stage of aging is one of the hardest and most challenging aspects of a womans life. The transition to this stage takes a toll on a womans physical, emotional, and psychological health, which clearly makes it a very serious matter. During this time, the estrogen levels of a woman decrease and, when this happens, the following changes will take place:

·         Lighter or heavier periods
·         Hot flashes
·         Low sex drive
·         Sleeping problems
·         Irritability
·         Slower metabolism
·         Anxiety
·         Depression

This is a turning point in a womans life and, as mentioned above, it is also a milestone. However, the dark side of it is that these changes often cause a woman to feel anxious and depressed. On the other hand, this particular health change is clearly unavoidable. One of the things that you can do to alleviate the pain and manage this change is to have a strong support group. It is also important that you visit your doctor regularly to monitor such changes and gather helpful advice that will help you through the transition.

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Heart Disease and Diabetes

At the age of 40, your chances of developing heart disease or diabetes increase. This is why it is important to visit your doctor regularly once you reach this age. Have your health assessed regularly to monitor any symptoms and prevent any of these diseases from reaching a critical stage. This is the best time for you to pay closer attention to your health.

Breast Cancer

Regular mammograms and pelvic exams are advised for women at the age of 40 or nearing the age of 40. Your visits to your gynecologist become more frequent at this time because there are a lot of changes happening in your body, especially in your reproductive system. Prevention is always the cure and, with regular monitoring, you can prevent breast cancer, or any kind of cancer, from reaching a critical stage.

Your health in your 40s may be even more delicate than ever.  Indeed, this is actually the time that you should become more aware of your health if you want to live a longer and healthier life. Keep in mind that your 40s are actually years of transition – physically, emotionally, and psychologically, which is why it is best that you are aware of any potential health problems.

On the other hand, there is no use worrying or obsessing about your health as long as you have regular doctor visits, observe a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.  Everything will be good! Adopting a healthier lifestyle at this stage of aging is the greatest gift that you can give yourself as you reach another milestone in your life. In fact, it is not only a gift for you but also for the people who love you and care for you. They want to be with you for a longer period of time. And aside from that, who doesnt want to look spanking hot during your 40s, right?


You still want to look great, of course, and you still want to be able to move as if you were in your 20s! Well, the good news is that you still can. Just keep these things in mind and youll still feel as youthful as ever.

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