Thursday, January 19, 2017

The beauty Benefits I've been getting from Regular Workouts

On last week's episode, I talked about how this year  I had to get back into an exercising routine. I hadn't been doing any exercise for a least a year. In fact, since  I started my online business. I have been abscess with working and would forget about time, staying online all day and completely forgetting about my personal life. So now this new year I have been slowly easing myself back into an exercise routine by hula looping. I have been doing the hula hooping about 10-15 min. 4 days a week. At the end of last week, I started to incorporate a little beginners yoga into my new routine. Just some beginners yoga I found on Youtube. And today I want to share some of the benefits  I am already experiencing from just the little bit of exercise I've been doing in the last three weeks.  Just by doing 20 min. of exercise 4 days a week at home.

Now going to the gym for me is a  grind, it's impossible.   In the past, I've  joined 1 or maybe even 2 gyms, paid for a membership but didn't even end up going not even once.  I found for me what works best is to workout at home. Now I have friends who love going to a gym. they tell me they are more motivated when working out or exercise with others.  I am just more comfortable exercising at home and going at my own pace.  if you have to force yourself to lace up those running shoes – you aren’t alone! There are plenty of people just like you who need a little motivation to get them out the door and moving. So if  you are like me and weight loss isn’t the reason to get you revved up for a workout, check out these ways exercise makes you beautiful:

1. Glowing Skin.

It’s not just the layer of sweat on your post-workout skin that gives it that glow. It’s actually the response of your skin to the much-needed detox you just gave it. Your skin is the largest organ of your entire body, and it is also responsible for filtering out all types of toxins and other gunk. Getting a good sweat session in at the gym, at home or outside pumps sweat out through the pores and with it goes all of the heavy metals, dirt, debris, and bacteria that can cause icky acne. Not only will your skin glow as a result of the cleaning, but it will also carry with it a dewy, youthful texture.

2. Bigger Brains.

If big brains aren’t beautiful, what is?! In one study conducted at the University of British Columbia, scientists found that regular aerobic exercise is actually able to increase the size of the hippocampus. This area of the brain is involved in memory and learning. Researchers found that resistance training did not deliver the same results.
Other studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise improves blood flow throughout the body. These improvements in blood flow extend to the brain and are able to improve cognition and memory in older adults. That isn’t beauty that shows on the outside, but a gorgeous mind sure does shine from within.

3. Better Sleep.

With today’s hectic lifestyles it’s easy to get pent up, but a good workout will wear you out so you can get better sleep. Aim to get to the gym 3-5 times during the workweek and you’ll be face down on your pillow every night – without the bedtime worry session!
Did you know that during sleep your body is doing so much more than resting? In fact, while you are off in dreamland your body is working hard to produce Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. This hormone could also be called the anti-aging hormone. Because HGH levels naturally decline with age, boosting production of this important hormone is known to offer anti-aging benefits, specifically to the skin. HGH is also produced during exercise.
If you were wondering if beauty sleep actually works, there is clinical evidence of that as well. A recent study showed that people who sleep for a full eight hours actually look healthier, happier and more attractive than people who do not sleep.

4. Better Mood.

The good mood you get after an amazing yoga class with friends feels so great. You can get that same great post-workout feeling after a solo gym session, too! This is due in part to the production of brain chemicals released by the pituitary gland including dopamine, serotonin and cannabinoids. These “feel-good” brain chemicals work two-fold to make you feel happy while also blocking your ability to feel pain. This is what many people refer to as a “runner’s high,” because the feeling provided by the endorphins during exercise is simply feels that good.6,7

5. Better Nutrition.

Exercise alone isn’t enough to keep you looking gorgeous. To get the beautifying results you really want, pair your workout with a healthy, balanced diet. The great thing about regular exercise is that it serves as motivation and inspiration to treat your body right with what you feed it. There is nothing better for your body than whole natural foods. Add the right foods to your plate along with your workout regimen and you’ve got the recipe for a killer body – and a beautiful one at that!
Aim to eat loads of fresh organic fruits & vegetables, healthy fats (omega-3’s), protein and fiber. And don’t forget to cut back on the caffeine, sugar and alcohol – they are a fast track to natural beauty deterioration.
There are so many ways regular exercise can benefit your overall health. But it can also make you more appealing to the opposite sex. Workouts don’t always have to factor in the number on the scale. In fact, radiant skin, intelligence and a good mood work wonders for a healthy body, and strong libido at any weight.
So, get your workout shoes on… they look great on you! And workouts make you look great. What else do you need to get get motivated than looking your best and feeling great to boot.This artice was from  MD Beverly hill check them out!

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