Thursday, October 15, 2015

Part 2: Get Rid Of That Tummy Fat!

 This episode today is part 2   of a  2 part series on the topic of belly fat  and menopausal  weight gain. This is a big topic and Deanna was unable to fit all the information she has for you  into one half hour show.  Now this second part of the  series we will be focusing  on tummy fat and  the health issues associated with this type of fat.  As well as some very simple to follow tips to rid yourself of unhealthy fat around the middle, this is know as  the apple shape body type. Today's  Episode  will  be of interest to anyone at any age  who is concerned with weight gain and wants a healthier lifestyle..Deanna is offering you a free download that's a diet  &  5-day skin smoothing plan. This plan includes  recipes as well as a shopping list. To get this report just contact us on the blog's contact page and include your email address.. Or text the word weight to 22828 to get your free copy.. You can also message  us on Facebook and request a copy. "Ask The beauty advisor"  You May want to hear part 1

 Eat a little and eat often in order to convince the body that food is abundant and it does not need to store extra fat.

 Forget about the sweets.
Swap out white bread , rice & pasta with whole wheat, rye, oats and quinoa.

Stock up & eat on a wide range of  vegetables.

Eat small amounts of grass-feed beef, beef contains vitamin B-6 and other nutrients your body needs to release fat.

Don't give it up completely but Reduce your amount of caffeine and alcohol.

 Tune-in for more helpful advise.  Don't forget that 5-day diet and skin smoothing free download! 

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