Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Part 1 of How to control Hormonal weight gain Podcast

New research reveals a shocking discovery for controlling menopausal weight gain  

Tune in to"Ask the beauty advisor"  a two part show as we shares some new informative  information on the subject of  controlling your weight after and during menopause. leading scientist once though that fat cells were just balloons that stored fat,but they have now learned fat cell talk signaling  telling each other when to lose fat. The trouble begins   as we age, it become increasingly difficult for our fat cell to send and receive messages. This is due the increased inflammation in the body and hormone unbalances brought on by stress, processed foods and environmental toxins. But now we have the ability to reverse  this with  very simple nutritional foods and supplements. Deanna is offering you a free download a 5-day skin smoothing and diet plan that includes  recipes as well as a shopping list. To get this report just contact us on the contact page and include your email address.or text weight to 22828   Also on this episode Deanna share information about how the way you eat can reveal your personality. listen to part 2 here

Expert reveals what your eating habits say about you:

You can read full article here  

 Add things like grass-feed beef, fish, nuts, mushrooms and beans to your diet listen- in and find out why.

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