Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Power Of The Dead Sea

Now, bathing in the Dead Sea will leave you with soft, silky skin, but the mud found along its beaches, is even more potent—and has been know to actually improve the appearance of skin on contact!
This mineral-rich mud (which you can literally scoop handfuls of, right on the beach) is so powerful, that when applied as a topical skin mask, it has the ability to:
*Improve blood circulation for a healthy, youthful glow.
*Help to tighten loose skin.
*Lock in moisture and smooth out wrinkles.
*Open pores to draw out toxins, while letting oxygen in.
*Provide an essential blend of nutrients to promote overall health and radiance.
That’s why you won’t find many surfers and snorkelers around the Dead Sea. There, the typical beach day consists of coating your skin with mud, letting it dry, rinsing off in salty sea water…
Then repeating the process again and again.
Thousands of beauty-minded travelers can’t be wrong—the Dead Sea system works.

After just one day in Israel, I could see the difference…
And by the end of my two-week stay, it felt like I was literally wearing a younger  skin!
Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to introduce my clients back home to the magic of the Dead Sea. The only question was: How?
To my relief, I learned that it’s actually pretty easy to get ahold of Dead Sea mud, right here in the U.S . There are a number of companies which ship it all over the world—just place an order online, and us
Tip: Always buy Dead Sea mud in the raw, as opposed to products that claim to be “made with Dead Sea extracts.” Usually, these only contain trace amounts of active Dead Sea ingredients and won’t give you the full spectrum of results—if any at all.
Now Dead Sea mud is a bit pricey, so I would save this luxurious treatment for just your face and neck, rather than your entire body.
But the good news is, you’ll only need to apply this powerful mineral mask about once a week…because the results last for days, and get better with every use!
Tip: To harness even more Dead Sea power, order a supply of dried Dead Sea salt granules as well—you can get a 5lb bag on Amazon!
That way, you can also mimic the experience of rinsing off in the Dead Sea. Simply add a handful of salt to lukewarm water, and use the mixture to remove your Dead Sea mud mask once it has dried.
Plus, you can use the salt granules as scrubbing beads to exfoliate as you rinse! But stick to doing this no more than once or twice per month, so as not to slough away too much of your skin’s protective outer layer.
I’m also pleased to report that these Dead Sea skin secrets can easily fit in with—and significantly enhance—your current skincare routine.
Regular use of a Dead Sea mud mask and sea salt rinse, will keep your skin healthy and purified…

By Payman Danielpour, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon


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