Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do lip Plumpers Really Work? & Lipstick 101 Podcast



This episode is all about the lips with host Deanna Lynn and make-up artist Cindy foe.  Our  host beauty advisor explains the benefits of using lip plumpers to help kept lips from aging as well as looking healthy and full. Then listen in on  Makeup- artist Cindy as she explains how to properly apply lipstick.

My favorite Lip Plumper and Treatment



  1. Wonderful review on lipstick application. Enjoyed her multi step process and then simplifying it for those of us who can't remember where our lipstick is 90 % of the time. Exfoliation is such a gentle and often missed step for lips . Next Maybe one about the tenderness of lips in the sun? My son just scorched his at soccer camp!

    1. Great Idea Tanya! We are doing one on sunburns so this would be a great addition.Thanks for your comment and for listening to my podcast!


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