Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What is Micellar Water? and How To Maintain Your Make-up Brushes

In Today's episode the beauty advsior answers listener voice mail question about Micellar water. If your un sure whats this beauty product really is or does tune-in and find out! Also feature on the show  Cindy foe a independent make-up artist who talks about how to clean and maintain your make-up brushes. beauty listener wins a Vudu lash serum explained below:

Using the most advanced lash and brow growth technology, VuDu Lashes was created as a unique lash serum that utilizes a variety of effective peptides and nutrients designed to give you thicker/longer lashes in a matter of weeks. In addition, some of the vital nutrients involved will not only help to stimulate rapid growth, but were incorporated in the formula to help thicken your lashes and brows almost immediately.

*VuDu Lashes has two times the amount of product as the next leading brand, making it the best value in lash growth products. Just $49.95 Please if you Order use my  affiliate link  it helps me pay for the show  Thank you!.. find out more  here!

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