Monday, June 1, 2015

Get Your Question About Vitamin Supplements Answered

Join us ! listen and  learn how you can look and feel Great, with Dr. Steve Tsoutsouras!


This weeks episode Dr. Steve answers your Question about vitamin supplements. Three  emails send from   our listeners get answered  on  the podcast . Find out what mystery vitamin supplements Dr. Steve is taking.     you can contact Dr.Steve with your question at
or visit our blog

 Thank you for listening to the beauty advisor. This is the place where we talk about the latest trends of health and beauty. We review beauty products and we help you navigate the cosmetic counters so that you can stay beautiful while living longer. This is your host and beauty advisor.  Deanna Lynn

on today's show we're going to be talking about vitamins. I have a repeat guest Dr Steve to terrorists. The last time I had the doctor on we talked all about vitamins and got quite a few questions. That was a very popular episode so I decided to bring Dr Steve back on so he can answer some of your questions about vitamins. So let's go ahead right now and bring Dr Steve on.  Now Dr I know you've been on the show before but could you briefly for the benefit of our new listeners tell us a little bit about yourself. Sure. Still a practicing pediatrician and several years ago I started to get interested in the nutritional supplement tension actually was something that I was interested in from from the outset of my medical career that became a pediatrician because I was interested in being willing to prevent the good side to go elsewhere. Intriguing and stage two means and as my career went on I was introduced to a well a supplement company that I just you know came
and  which caused me to come become very interested in vitamin supplements. 



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