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Hormone Balancing Mint Water







Hormone Balancing Mint Water




Hormones & Acne

One of the main causes of female adult acne is hormones - hormone fluctuations and hormone imbalances. I don’t think this comes as any surprise to you!
Typically, women are prone to the worst breakouts and skin sensitivity right before or during their menstrual periods or ovulation, during pregnancy or post-pregnancy, and even at the onset of menopause.
It’s not only ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause that cause hormone fluctuations in women; your overall health, lifestyle, diet, stress levels, sleeping habits, and age, all play a part in your hormone health, hormone production, and how balanced your hormone levels are.
Making an effort to have a healthy lifestyle and diet is an obvious solution to keeping your hormones balanced and, in turn, healing your skin - but sometimes that's just not enough.
Mint - A Natural Hormone Balancer
One of the most effective treatments I have found for female adult acne is drinking water infused with fresh mint, daily.
Mint is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but what’s even better is that it’s a natural hormone balancer as well! Recent studies on women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) who drank mint tea daily revealed that the tea significantly reduced their abnormally high androgen (male hormones) levels. Women who have abnormally high androgen levels are prone to having acne, thinning hair, hirsutism (excessive hair growth on the face and body), infertility, weight gain, and other reproductive issues. After drinking mint tea daily, many of these women’s elevated androgen levels returned to normal, and their symptoms dramatically reduced or went away completely.
The women in this study were drinking mint tea a few times a day, every day. What I have found to work even better for clearing up acne: drinking plain water infused with fresh mint instead of drinking mint tea.
Mint Water vs. Mint Tea
The first step in this Acne Solutions Email Course is to start drinking water infused with fresh mint. I want you to drink 1 litre/quart of this infused water every single day. 
It’s very simple to make and below I have written out the full instructions on how to make it, plus a few tips on the best ways to incorporate it into your routine, and the best storing methods.
Before I get into the instructions on making the mint water, I want to clarify why I want you to drink plain mint water as opposed to drinking mint tea. 
Difference between mint water & mint tea:
Mint water is the product of fresh mint soaking in plain drinking water.
Mint tea is the product of dried mint steeped in hot/boiling water
Benefits of drinking mint water instead of mint tea:
  • You’ll not only get the benefits of drinking the infused mint water, but you’ll also benefit from drinking more water in general. Most people are chronically dehydrated. Drinking more water in general will benefit your skin, and in some cases even decrease breakouts and speed up the recovery and healing of your skin.
  • Tea can stain your teeth, water infused with fresh mint won’t.
  • There are more nutrients in fresh herbs as opposed to dried.
  • The water that the mint is soaking in hasn’t been boiled or heated, therefore there is less chance of any nutrients or compounds in the fresh mint being altered or destroyed by the hot or boiling water.
  • Based on my experiments, I’ve seen women get much better results clearing up their acne from drinking mint water as opposed to mint tea.


Drink 1 litre/quart of water infused with fresh mint every day.
What you’ll need:
  • A glass, pitcher or water bottle that can hold 1 litre/quart of liquid.
  • 1 litre/quart of plain drinking water.
  • A small handful of fresh mint - approximately 5 sprigs of fresh mint (spearmint or peppermint)* per litre/quart of water.
1- Thoroughly clean/rinse fresh mint under cold water to ensure all dirt, soil, and old leaves are removed.
2- Place clean fresh mint in a water bottle or pitcher and fill it with water.
3- Allow the fresh mint to soak in the water for at least 15-30 minutes before drinking the water.
You can leave the fresh mint in the water all day, or until you finish drinking the water.
You don’t need to drink the entire litre/quart of water all at once; you can drink it throughout the day and evening.
Make sure to drink the mint water within 8-12 hours of making it. 
You can leave it out at room temperature or refrigerate it. 
* If fresh mint is not regularly available, you can always buy a large quantity of fresh mint, wash it well and pat it dry, and store it in a sealed container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Every day when you’re making your mint water, just take a small portion of the frozen mint from the freezer and add it straight to your water and let it infuse the water for 15-30 minutes before drinking it. 

What To Expect
If you drink 1 litre/quart of water infused with fresh mint every single day, in one to two weeks you should start seeing improvements in your skin. For some women, the improvements in their skin can be quite dramatic, even in just one week. 
Cystic acne and larger pimples tend to respond best to the mint water; they’ll noticeably shrink in size, become less inflamed, and heal better.
When you start to see your skin improving and healing from drinking the mint water, please don’t stop drinking it. Continuing to drink mint water regularly will not only heal your skin, but will also help to prevent new pimples from forming or coming back.

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