Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Take A 5-Minute Vacation

 I’m sure you already know — stress is a major cause of visible aging.

It can make you frown, which creates lines between your eyes and around your mouth…

It can make you lose sleep, which reduces your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself, and causes puffy under-eye bags...

And, it raises cortisol and adrenaline levels — which can mean thinner skin and more dark spots!1

Crazy, right? Not to mention, it just feels terrible to be stressed out all the time.

That’s why, whenever I see signs of stress on a patient’s face, I “prescribe” them my favorite relaxation technique…

The 5-Minute Vacation

There are a number of methods you can use to achieve the low-stress effect you’re looking for — but here’s what I’ve found works best:
  1. Find a candle that smells like your favorite destination — like sand, ocean, tropical fruits, or flowers. Light it a few minutes before your “vacation” so the scent has a chance to fill the room. (Choose a room where you can be alone for a few minutes.)

  2. Find a YouTube video of ambient sounds related to your “destination” on your computer or smartphone. There are thousands of videos that play ocean sounds, rainforest sounds… whatever helps you feel like you’re really there!

  3. Once you’re ready, set an alarm for 5 minutes, just in case you fall asleep. (It’s okay if you do though!)

  4. Now, sit or lie down in a comfortable position (you should be able to relax completely)... close your eyes… and start daydreaming about your perfect getaway!

    Since you set your alarm, you can let yourself get completely immersed in your 5-minute vacation. Don’t hold back — imagine anything that helps you feel peaceful, calm, and “away from it all.”

    Focus on the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings you’d experience if you were really there. These 5 minutes are yours!

Personally, I try to do this once a day whenever I can. I “go to” a different place every time — a Tahitian beach, a streetside cafe in Rome, a Greek balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea…

It really recharges my batteries… and my patients have been loving it too.

Now, the first time you try this, you might find your mind drifting off to other thoughts. Don’t worry — this is normal. Getting really relaxed takes practice.

So instead of getting frustrated, gently push away those other thoughts, and re-focus on those relaxing sounds and smells. It’ll become second nature before long… and you’ll find yourself relaxed and rejuvenated for hours afterward.

Give it a try — I think you’ll be surprised just how easy it can be to put that skin-destroying stress behind you,
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