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Should women over 40 give up on using make-up ?

 Makeup is supposed to accentuate your natural beauty, but the rules change with age. Is less more? What color is best? Is this look too “young” for me? These are excellent questions to ask.
Why? The makeup techniques and color palettes that worked for you when you were younger could actually make you look older now.
Here are five things to avoid (or implement) to ensure you’re highlighting, not distracting, from your natural beauty:

Makeup Mistake #1: Skipping foundation.

Sure, we could get away with skipping foundation in the past. However, it is one of the most important steps to a youthful appearance—if it’s applied correctly and blended evenly. If not, it can be another makeup mistake that ages you.
Why? Most powder and liquid foundations cake on, sinking into fine lines and wrinkles, making these signs of age more obvious. But skipping foundation isn’t the answer.

The solution:

Get the most bang for your buck with an all-purpose BB cream. They work like a foundation but offer additional benefits, including extra hydration. Most BB creams are lightweight enough to avoid settling into fine lines as they simultaneously even skin tone (not just cover blemishes). They also contain an SPF to help prevent UV rays skin damage.

Makeup Mistake #2: Not wearing blush.

Some women avoid blush because they simply feel they don’t need it. The fact is, those rosy cheeks we had naturally years ago tend to fade with age. This makes blush a makeup must-have – especially for women over 40.
Plenty of women prefer a more natural look where makeup is concerned. But even the most naturally beautiful skin can look washed out without the right techniques. Keep your complexion looking youthful, and avoid that “dull” look by incorporating blush into your daily makeup routine. However, blending is the key to natural looking blush. It’s probably better to go without blush than have two pink circles on your cheeks.

The solution:

Two words: cream blush. This is not your mother’s makeup. Cream blush works as an all-over color solution. Dab just a few dots onto cheekbones and smudge in with your fingertips. It works on eyelids for instant color, too!

Makeup Mistake #3: Using too much concealer.

One of the biggest makeup mistakes that causes women to look older is using too much concealer. It’s natural to want to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but if you didn’t get enough sleep your eyes will give you away. However, using too much concealer only draws more attention to the area; the concealer will settle in the fine lines (especially around the eyes) and actually draw attention to signs of aging or fatigue.

The solution:

Opt for a thick, creamy, stick concealer. Choose a pigment one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This will help to keep the concealer from washing out your under-eye area. Dab it on, staying away from crow’s feet around the eyes, and blend with a makeup sponge.

Bonus Tip:

Did you know that coffee grounds can help to reduce dark circles? It’s true! Just dab moistened grounds under eyes for five minutes in the morning, and let the coffee go to work. The caffeine the grounds contain will simulate circulation, reducing the appearance of dark un

Makeup Mistake #4: Thinking lip liner is still “in.”

Lip liner can do wonders. It can wreak havoc as well. You see, as we age, lips naturally lose collagen and thin. If you use lip liner, this could potentially worsens the problem. How so? It sinks into the fine, feathery lines around the mouth. And this simply draws attention to them. To bolster thin looking lips, just say “No” to lip liner.

The solution:

Keep lips looking youthful and plump with lip enhancer. Also, when it comes to lipstick colors, avoid dark colors—they tend to make lips look smaller. Choose a light tone, and top it off with a layer of lip gloss. The shiny finish makes lips look plumper.

Makeup Mistake #4: Neglecting lashes.

When it comes to mascara, there have been a lot of improvements over the last decade. Many women make the mistake of neglecting the quality of their mascara, assuming they are all the same. Not so. Many mascara formulas cake, then flake off, leaving you with dark circles under your eyes and a smudged, messy look. Also, check out what the makeup counter has to offer in the way of lash-extending mascara brushes.

The solution:

 Lashes should always point upwards. If you want to get them there, but don’t want to gouge out your eyeballs with an eyelash curler. Also, opt for a high-quality mascara that includes a lash-extending formula and brush. It makes all the difference in achieving a youthful, bright-eyed look.
 Avoid these five aging makeup mistakes so your makeup works for you! In addition to a regular skincare regime, makeup can be an effective, simple way to turn back the clock 10 years (or more).
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