Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How To Wax Your Eyebrows at Home

 In the world of DIY beauty treatments, eyebrow waxing is not necessarily the easiest to master. Pick the wrong wax, apply it incorrectly, rip it off improperly -- there's any number of potential pitfalls that can leave you in a hairy situation (pun obviously intended). And when it comes to waxing your own arches, the stakes are even higher: One misstep and it's bye-bye to those full brows you've been trying to grow out. Still, there's no denying that taking the DIY brow waxing route saves time, moola and can be incredibly convenient. So let's walk through the at-home step-by-step so that you'll know exactly how to wax your eyebrows -- without any goofs. 

Fill in First Before you even get to the sticky stuff, it's essential to define your eyebrow shape. "Filling in the brow gives you more precision when it comes time to wax, It's like laying down a pattern on fabric before you cut it. The whole process is more thought out." Whether you use powder or pencil is a matter of personal preference, just make sure that your brows look the way you want them to; the goal is to wax only the hairs that fall outside of your newly drawn-on borders. Then, snap a quick brow selfie,  "Looking at your brows in a photo lets you take a step back and see them the way a professional would..Once you're fully satisfied with the shape, pass go, collect $200, and move on to the waxing part of our program. 

Choose Your Wax Not all waxes are created equal, and choosing the right at-home product is especially important when it's going on your face.  Here is some recommends Satin Smooth Ultra Sensitive Zinc Oxide Wax, $10.95, a gentle formula that won't stick to skin. If you're super, super sensitive, hard waxes are even gentler, though the one drawback is that they may not remove hair completely, she adds. One to try: Clean + Easy Tweeze Free Eyebrow Hard Wax, $5. And if you're worried about burning yourself (a valid concern, BTW, since burns are one of the most common injuries that come from DIY waxing), pre-waxed, self-heating strips are a great option, since they can never get super hot. Try Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit for Face, $6. Above all, be sure to choose a formula made for the face, since waxes for the body are too strong,  

 Prep Wax Correctly using wax that can be heated in boiling water or investing in a wax pot. Our pick: Gigi Space Saver Wax Warmer, $26. If you are going to use microwavable wax, proceed with extreme caution; the wax may look hard, but as soon as you stir it, it can explode and burn the you-know-what out of your skin,  Use the consistency of the wax as a temperature indicator: "It should be the thickness of peanut butter or honey. Once it becomes too liquid-y and looks more like oil, it's way too hot,"   Test a small amount on your wrist before applying onto your money-maker. 

Protect Your Skin Since you want the wax to adhere only to the brow hairs, and not to skin (major ouch), it's a good idea to create a protective barrier. We are advising using baby powder, coconut oil,   or Smith's Rosebud Salve, $6. Regardless of what you pick, apply a dab onto a makeup sponge and swipe around the perimeter of each eyebrow. 

 Work in Sections  waxing your eyebrows in sections, rather than in one fell swoop. "This makes for easier application, more precise hair removal, and ultimately, better results .  Do the top of the tail, then the top of the bridge (from the start to the arch). After doing those two spots on one brow, repeat on the other side to make sure both brows look the same so far. Finish by waxing underneath the tail and the bridge, then do one last pass in between brows (aka the unibrow). One caveat: If you're a waxing newbie -- or just aren't that hairy -- you can skip waxing above the brow and just clean up the bottom, which is where most of the growth occurs,

 Wax On, Wax Off As is the case with most things in life, less is more. "If you apply too much wax, it will start to glob up. Once you apply the strip, it can get pushed too far into the brow, removing hair that you don't want to take off,"

Rather than use the typical popsicle-style stick,  We recommend a smaller orange stick for more precise application. Make sure strips are small; cut them into one-quarter-inch by three-inch pieces if they're too large.

Smear the wax on in the direction of the hair, then smooth a strip over it. Hold skin tautly with one hand and remove the strip with the other. Pull it off parallel to the face (as if you were going to fold the strip back over itself), not straight out, in the opposite direction of hair growth

Clean It Up To avoid irritation -- not to mention reduce the risk of completely stripping your eyebrows -- wax each section of the brow only once. Still see some stragglers? Now's the time for tweezers. Somehow managed to get wax all over your hands? (Hey, it happens to the best of us). A drop of oil, any kind, will cut through the stickiness and help you get it off.

 Eyebrow After Care - wiping brows with a cotton pad soaked in Band-Aid Hurt-Free Antiseptic Wash, $4.49. If your skin is sensitive and you're prone to bumps or redness, a dab of OTC cortisone cream will help soothe any irritation,  And steer clear of oils or oil-based products afterward, as they can clog up the pores of freshly waxed skin.

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