Sunday, January 1, 2017


I received a very interesting letter this week from one of my podcast listeners. I'll post the letter here so you can read it below:

"Hi Deanna

First, I wanted to let you know how much I have learned by listening to your podcast, so thank you.
Here my dilemma  I have always gotten so many compliments on my makeup. I have brownish hair with golden highlights. I harmonize my eye makeup to complement my hair color.  which means I wear warm tones, I wear shades like brown, beige, peach, gold etc. I really do look the best in these eye shadow colors. For a night out I  would, of course, apply my makeup a little darker/heavier.   Recently one evening out while having dinner by candlelight I got a glimpse of myself in a mirror, And wow was horrified.  I really looked dull, flat and washed out. Now, My eyes normally in daylight stand out and shine. In daylight I have a lot of life and sparkle in my face like I said, I do get so many compliments on my makeup.  I always thought people were supposed to look better by candlelight, well it's certainly not true for me! This new years eve I have a specials date and really want to look my best. Could you please give me some tips for applying  evening makeup?"

My advice for anyone who wants to really look great by evening/candlelight

Because evening light is so subdued it really can make you look softer and your skin can look smooth and illuminating.but you will need to add some contouring, definition, and highlighting. But now just a touch,  too much emphasizing can make you look overdone even in candlelight.

For the evening have a mix of matte and satin colors. Use the matte colors to create recessed areas. and satin color to reflect light. Shimmers should also so be used to highlight high points of the eyes and face, like the cheekbone and under the brow you could also apply to eyelids or apply highlighter along the tear duct.     More shimmer should be used at night.

But kept your complexion matte else you might end up looking greasy. But do use more shimmer at the top of the cheekbones. Now eyeshadow color like warm tone can look washed-out under candle light.  peach, ivory, and browns will look invisible in the evening lighting. Cool colors will be visible but will be softer and more muted. colors like blue, violet, and mauve will provide a soft elegance dramatic look without being over the top.  

For warm brunettes natural warm colors look great in daylight colors like peach, gold, copper and rust will coordinate well with the warm tones in the hair.  but these color may not be good for the evening.  So if you really want to look dazzling and dramatic for the evening try incorporating some cool colors. cooler colors will show up under romantic evening lighting, just don't get to blue or too purple. Try the neutral versions such as plum, raisin, cabernet, eggplant, etc. use eyeliner in black/brown,  deep raisin or black/plum. Then highlight with your gold,  pale yellow or ivory. YOU CAN HEAR MORE BY listening in to the podcast

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