Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Your body tells you many things.

Your body tells you many things.  You just have to be aware. When you are, you can give your body what it needs and live healthier.
So today I wanted to share some things I’ve learned over the years about body signals.
  1. Pruney fingertips when you are not in water could be a sign that you are dehydrated.  It may also point to something more serious like diabetes, a thyroid condition, or connective-tissue disorder.  It could even mean a Vitamin D or B12 deficiency. If drinking lots of water doesn’t make the problem go away, it’s probably time to see a doctor to figure out what’s wrong.
  1. Leg cramps can indicate dehydration or an electrolyte imbalance.  Try taking some magnesium, drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in potassium.  Want a natural electrolyte drink? Pick up some coconut water.
  1. Cracks in the corner of the mouth, dark eye circles, low energy and irritability could all mean that your body is low in B vitamins.  A diet rich in B vitamins includes eggs, fish, leafy greens, bananas, poultry, almonds, pecans, pork, peas and lentils.
  1. Feeling stiff when you stand up? New evidence links poor flexibility to heart disease.  Being less flexible can mean that your arteries are stiffer.  If you already exercise make sure to stretch before and after.  If you don’t exercise you may want to try yoga or tai chi.
  1. If you’re craving fatty foods - like pizza or fried chicken - your body may just be telling you that you need some healthy fats such as salmon, walnuts or beef.  You may want to also supplement with a good fish oil .
  1. Weight gain, dry skin, hair fall or the end of your eyebrows thinning could signal a thyroid condition.  The only way to know for sure is to check with your doctor.               
So listen to your body - it gives great advice! READ NEXT ARTICLE

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