Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Winter skin starts now! What To do For winter Your Skin

 Weather! What To do For Your Skin to Protect Against the Elements
Suddenly it's winter and your skin isn't happy.  Some pointers for the easiest transition.
  • These changes occur every year, so think a week or two before about what you might need;
  • Remember that winter weather, even in rainy Seattle, is generally drier because most of us are indoors more with central heating and it makes your skin drier;
  • Drier skin is more easily irritated and looks dull;
  • Change to a super gentle cleanser if you haven't already;  
  • Still cleanse, apply your antioxidant and sunscreen, but add an extra layer of moisturizer under the sunscreen. 
  • You can layer our hydrating non alcohol   Vitamin E hyaluronic serum under your moisturizer;
  • Add a few drops of our dry skin relief  to your moisturizer for more hydration and barrier protection dry skin relief
  • Reduce exfoliation if that's been frequent
  • Put an extra layer of moisturizer on your face midday at work or lightly spray a hydrating mist on your skin. Try Global Aloe Mist  It's quite amazing how much this helps!

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