Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Facial Exercise should you do it?.


If you’ve ever looked up beauty tips online, you’ve probably come across one “weird” tip over and over again:

Facial Exercise

Bloggers, estheticians, and even doctors have touted it as the ultimate “at-home facelift.”

And the theory makes sense, doesn’t it? If you want a firm, lifted body, strength training is a proven way to get it. So wouldn’t it work for your face, too?

Not exactly.

Here are the THREE reasons why facial yoga could actually age you faster:

1) It can cause wrinkles.

Lots of the commonly-recommended facial yoga “poses” involve lifting your eyebrows, puckering your lips, or scrunching up your face…

All moves that cause creasing and crinkling.

Do it enough, and they’ll stick (yes, your mother was right!). Fine lines… wrinkles… crepey skin… NOT worth it.

2) It can make your face “bulky.”

Yes, really. The entire idea behind facial yoga is to build muscle, giving the skin on top of the muscle a “lift”...

But for that to work, those muscles would have to get very big. So big, in fact, they’d actually show through your skin.

That could create a very chiseled, masculine look — including a stronger jaw, thicker neck, lumpy face, and even visible veins.

It’s a great look for bodybuilders, but it’s NOT what most women want to see in the mirror!

3) It can cause physical problems.

I’ve had clients get facial cramps, lose contact lenses, and even get their jaws locked up from trying to do bizarre face poses.

Now, perhaps those minor side effects would be worth it if facial yoga really worked…

But the likelihood of getting “facelift-like results” from tensing your facial muscles over and over, is very low.

So what CAN you do to get a firmer, more lifted look, in the comfort of your own home?

Three quick tips come to mind:

1) Facial massage.

Now this one really DOES work. Gently massaging the face and neck brings essential blood flow to skin cells. That blood flow allows skin cells to produce more collagen, elastin, and other “support molecules” needed to keep skin firm and strong.

For best results, start massaging low on your face and work upward. Alternate between small circles and light taps to enhance circulation.

(Bonus: Doing this for 1-2 minutes in the morning helps you maintain a healthy, rosy glow all day. Think of it as your skin’s own built-in blush!)

2) Get enough Vitamin A.

The kind of Vitamin A found in orange vegetables — known as beta-carotene — is proven to help skin cells replicate more efficiently. That means dead, dull skin cells (which can make sagging look worse) are replaced with fresher, healthier ones...

And tight, youthful skin is able to shine through!

So you should take full advantage of “in season” fall foods — sweet potatoes, squash, and pumpkin are all excellent (and delicious) foods for tighter, brighter skin.

3) Apply products with care.

If you’re rubbing, tugging, or dragging skin downward when you apply your products, you may actually be speeding up the aging process.

You see, your skin IS stretchy and flexible, thanks to the protein elastin —

But just like a rubber band, if it’s stretched too hard and too often, it starts to sag, droop, and crack.

That’s why you should ALWAYS apply products with a gentle touch, in an upward, “lifting” motion (just like your facial massage)…

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 By giving these quick tips a try, you’ll be giving yourself a “leg up” on gravity...

But whatever you do, don’t rely on “facial gymnastics” to get a younger look. You may wind up getting the OPPOSITE!
 Written by Beverly Hills MD


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