Monday, November 14, 2016

Beauty Advsior Live Podcast Q & A

 Hello and welcome to ask the beauty advisor's first live Q and A event!! This is your host Deanna who a little nervous doing this live for the first time. So please bear with me as i get use to doing this live. I can see that there is already  20 people who have already joined the today's Q and A . I did invite 50 people. So i want to just  give it a  few more  minute, before i start so that everyone has time to join. Before i start the Q & A i would like to thank you for all your support of the podcast for being loyal customer of my skin care.  Today i have invite the top 50 most engaged and loyal customer to this test live session.. If this go's  well and you enjoy being part of the live show i will continue to do more.  Get your question ready and type them in the chat.  Please type them in capital letter so that a i can easily see your question. Alright i see 30 people who have join in  now. One more thing be we get started at the end of today session  i will be raffling off 3 prizes to some lucky winners.The first prize is a deluxe skin care set of 7 full size skin care products from Blackbox Cosmetics.   2 other winner will be getting my brand new hyalruronic facial serum .  I am now seeing 32 people who have join in so let get started with the first question.

Mary is saying: Q.."That she has  heard that steam  facial are not good for your skin..that the steam can damage you skin and cause broken capillaries"..
Beauty Advisor: A..  Mary exposing your skin to any extreme temperature for a length of time can cause broken capillaries. How ever a light mist of moist warm steam coming from a facial steamer will not hurt your skin. I have worked under  lite moist  steam  for a lot of year with no damage to my skin. I also have loyal clients who have been coming to me for years, and getting a steam facial and none of them had any damage or broken capillaries. ..If you are getting a facial from someone who is blasting your face with hot steam will then you may have a problem. When i do a facial i keep the steamer far from the clients face and i point the steamer slightly about their face. The client then is only getting a lite warm mist. I have had clients come to me  with broken capillaries.This can come  from sun damage and even people who live in extremely cold and windy  environments  will sometimes suffer from broken capillaries... Just recently I gave skin consultation   to a young woman who suddenly was getting some little red veins on face, neck and even on the tops of her hands. Turns out she had worked in a grocery store were she had to stock the freezer and refrigerator's. The cold was causing  the problem.  Fortunately she hadn't been working there to long, so the damage wasn't permanent.
  I have  recommend to my client when they can't get in the salon for a facial, that  they can detox their own skin once a month with an at home steam. They can do this by boiling a pot of water and some herbs. Once the water reaches a boil, removing the pot from the stove and leaning over the pot and allowing the steam to lightly  touch their face.   But i do tell them  to keep their face far enough a way from the steam so that they are only getting a lite mist. Also running an ice cube quickly over your face after a steam will not hurt your skin. But with that being said, subjecting your skin  to  hot steam or leaving ice on your face for any long length of time can damage your skin.    

Johanna your question: Q. "A top skin care professional/well know skin care professional. Says that you should not clean your make up brushes. This person claims that dirty brushes will not cause break outs. And if you wash your brushes they will far a part". Is this statement  true?

Beauty Advisor: A. Well that really floors me cause lic. skin care professional as well as  makeup artist and manicurist by law have to clean their tools, bushes and even nail file after every  client, and before using them on the next client.
So i am not sure why a professional would be advising people not to clean their make-up brushes. A good makeup brush will not far apart by lightly shampooing them once a week, or by sanitizing them with a spray brushes cleaner and then gentle wiping them on a towel or paper towel.. Make up artist's  clean they brushes like this  all the time..Even house painter or oil painter artist are constantly  cleaning their brush and the brushes are not falling apart. Good make up brushes should not fall apart. Now if your throwing  your brushes in a tub of soapy water and leaving them there to soak for a lengthy  time, well then yes they might start coming apart.  As far as dirty makeup brushes not causing break out. I know from my own personal experience that when forget and don't clean my brushes for a few weeks, i  start getting little red bumpy blotches. As soon as i do  clean my brushes    the irritations go away.
Here's what happens when you don't clean your make-up brushes over a few weeks.   As you sweep a brush across your face the brush picks up oils from your skin, moisturizer or even the oils in the makeup. These oil cling to your brushes and collect impurities. Then the next time you use the brushes you then deposit those impurities  back on to the skin.  These Impurities can cause skin irritations  and breakouts. Now this is  especially true if you have the type of skin that is sensitive to impurities, like mine skin . One of  the differences between over the counter skin care and professional skin is quality of the ingredients used.  There is  what's called cosmetic grade ingredients  and there is what'scalled Pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical  ingredients are ultra pure and contain less impurities than cosmetic grade ingredients. Most professional skin care has pharmaceutical grade ingredients.. Now my skin can tell the difference when i uses over the counter  cosmetic my skin start to look blotchy.    But when i am using professional products, my skin  will suddenly become ultra smooth and calm. Impurities irritate the skin and can cause inflammation.  Dirty make-up brushes can transfer  impurities on to your skin.  So buy good make up brushes and kept them clean.

Martha says " It's the same thing with essential oils, the best oils are ultra pure and have gone through an extra  filtering process".

Loren  asking about lavender oil: Q.  "want to know if  by using lavender oil on your skin your breaking down the skin's collagen?" find the answer to this question by listening to the podcast

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