Sunday, November 20, 2016

Beauty Advisor Holiday Gift Sets


  • To show thoughtfulness, love and affection. A simple gift that comes sincerely from the heart will certainly be accepted. It will create closeness with the man or woman that you love.
  • To welcome the arrival of a new baby, a member of the family, or a new colleague.
  • To present a gift of laughter. Imagine the smile and laughter of the recipient. Your gift would bring joy and uplift the spirit of the recipient.
  • To show cross-cultural understanding. Gifts given to persons from cultures other than your own bring peace and understanding of one another.
  • To sincerely express thanksgiving. We thank God for his perfect gift of life; for the blessings that we have received and will receive in the future; and most of all, for God's greatest gift to mankind, the gift of love and new life, who is our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Gift-giving is a form of prayer; it is a symbol of love, joy, affection, peace, appreciation and thoughtfulness. When we exchange gifts, God blesses both the giver and the receiver of gifts.

  Beautiful gift sets from "Ask The Beauty Advisor"!/Global-Ageless-Neck-&-Decollete-Collection/p/72912415/category=21103306


 Global Ageless Neck & Decollete Collection

Saggy neck!  Rough, dry decollete?  Not any more!  Global Skin Solutions has created a collection of products to specifically targeting areas that look older than we are.  These areas can rebound their youthfulness with products having  –
  • Exfoliating ingredients and vitamins to remove the build up of dead skin cells.
  • Plant based brightening agents to make skin more even toned.
  • Moisturizing properties to restore hydration, a smoother texture and a youthful appearance to skin.

  $60.00 OUT OF STOCK

Included In Kit

Anti-Ox Mist
Fruit Acid 7.5%
Body Illuminating Balm
Body Lightening Cream
Red Christmas Gift Box $60
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OUT OF STOCK!/Global-Age-Defense-Eye-Lip-&-Neck-Collection/p/75493930/category=21103306

Global Age Defense Eye, Lip & Neck Collection

This unique collection of  products target the delicate areas of the eyes, lips and neck.  Using these products daily –
  • Skin around the eyes becomes firmer; puffiness is reduced; and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.
  • Lips become more contoured, defined, moist, and softer.
  • Neck becomes tighter revealing a smoother texture and a more even tone


Included in Kit

Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum
Multi Peptide Serum
Eye and Lip Masks
Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Gift Box $60
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OUT OF STOCK!/Hydra-Quench-Travel-Collection/p/72912420/category=21103306

Hydra Quench Travel Collection

Banish dry skin with our HydraQuench Travel Collection.  These products are formulated with ingredients to rehydrate and lock in moisture throughout the layers of the skin. In just a few days skin becomes less irritated, firmer in appearance and feels softer to the touch.

Included in Kit

Multi Peptide Serum
Ceramide Hydrating Cream
Fruit Acid 7.5%
100% Hyaluronic Serum
Moisture Infusion Masque
Red Christmas Gift Box
Directions Enclosure $79 SHOP NOW HERE


RestorationSkin is the most complete age-reversing cosmeceutical kit ever designed. It is a combination of 7 revolutionary products that merge science with nature. All products are organically and botanically preserved with no formaldehyde releasing parabens. Unlike most skin-care products on the market that are 75% water, BlackBox Cosmetics' products are created from a base of organic aloe and botanical extracts. SEE DETAILS HERE
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