Friday, October 28, 2016

How to Fake “It-Girl” Confidence

Let’s be honest, looks do matter — but sometimes, physical beauty only goes so far.
No, I’m not about to give you a feel-good pep talk about inner beauty (you’ve got that part down).
What I’m saying is: if you truly want to be seen as attractive… to turn heads on the street… to light up any room…
Then you need to master the art of confidence as well.
I know what you’re thinking — ‘easier said than done’ — right? ‘Some days I just don’t feel beautiful.’
Well, guess what? There happen to be some proven ways to replace self-doubt with unwavering ‘it girl’ confidence —  even when you’re feeling low.
So the next time you find yourself feeling a little unsure of yourself, here are some surprisingly easy ways to boost your confidence on the spot:

1. Perk up your posture.

 Studies have found that your posture directly affects your level of confidence.
Hunching over, slumping in your chair, and slouching your shoulders often causes you to underestimate yourself and your abilities.
But when you sit up straight (or stand tall), broaden your shoulders, and hold your head up high, the effect is reversed — meaning, these actions promote positive thinking, and instantly make you see yourself in a more flattering light.
So whenever your self-esteem takes a dip, just readjust your posture and strut your stuff. You’ll feel like a million bucks in no time. Good posture makes
you feel powerful.

2. Let your nose do the work.

 Believe it or not, certain scents can put you in a better mood, make you more assertive, and help you feel more desirable — all of which are key ingredients for sky-high confidence.
If you want to feel powerful, orange blossom, sandalwood, almond, and jasmine are believed to stimulate your sense of self.
But, according to one of my clients — a well-known actress who swears by aromatherapy —  if you’re looking for full-on “femme fatale” confidence, seductive scents like vanilla, cinnamon, rose, and patchouli will do the trick every time.
Keep scented oils around the house, or choose a perfume containing notes of one or more of these fragrances… and enjoy an aromatic burst of confidence anytime you’re feeling low. Citrus: the smell of self-esteem.

3. Think like a bull.

Well, not really. It’s actually a myth that bulls charge at the sight of something red… but interestingly enough this color does have an invigorating effect on humans.
You see, ‘red’ is usually associated with power, strength, and desire. There’s even a theory that the mere sight of something red stimulates the senses, boosts energy, and helps to overcome shyness.
The best example of this is red clothing. It’s widely believed that wearing red can make you feel more confident…
Moreover, studies have actually confirmed that red clothing makes a person appear better-looking to others. 2
The takeaway? When you’re feeling blue, red might be the answer.
So don a red dress or top, or just put on some red lipstick (that’s my wife’s go-to)…
If the color itself doesn’t make you more confident, the compliments definitely will.
Speaking of which…A lady in red… always feels beautiful.


4. Look the part.

Even if red isn’t your thing, you can still banish low confidence just by getting dressed up.
Now, this might take some willpower — when insecurities creep in, it can be tempting to throw on a comfy old t-shirt, and stay indoors. What’s the point of trying?
But that’s a very counterproductive move. Because it’s when you don’t feel fully confident that you need to try hardest.
Put on your favorite outfit — one that’s a little ‘dressier’ than what you’d normally wear. Style your hair (or treat yourself to a blow-out at the salon). Wear a little make-up.
Forcing yourself to get fancy will remind you of how beautiful you really are…
And since you can’t deny what you see in the mirror, this confidence trick works every time.

5. Have a cup of coffee.


Really, just have a cup of coffee — that’s it! In 1996, a Harvard study found that 100mg of caffeine per day makes women experience higher levels of self-confidence. 3
Of course, if you’re not a coffee drinker, you can still get your daily dose of “caffeine confidence” from a cup of green or black tea (sorry, soda doesn’t count!).
Now these 5 tips might seem simple, but they definitely work… think of them as “shortcuts” to self-confidence!
After all, you are beautiful — so why not flaunt it?

Dr. John Layke


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  1. Interesting post! I had not heard that coffee boosts confidence and I do love coffee anyway! Lol!



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