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What is Redox Signaling and how does it effect our health and beauty

Redox Signaling refers to the process in which free radicals, reactive oxygen species and other electronically activated radicals act as messengers in the biological system. It is basically the process that shows how cells in our body respond to oxidants and free radicals. Redox signaling is a continuous and crucial process, through which human cells communicate with each other and carry out vital body functions.

Both the internal and external factors such as stress, toxic chemicals, bacterial infections, poor nutrition etc affect our health in an adverse way. This causes significant cellular damage and a reduction in Redox signaling molecules. Without an adequate supply of Redox signaling molecules the antioxidants and immune system are unable to function effectively, leading to a vast range of health ailments.
Researchers and scientists worldwide have been conducting several studies on the Redox signaling molecules to understand more about their structure, impact and function with respect to human health. Let’s take a look at some of the popular studies on this subject:
 here are two kinds of Signaling molecules – “communicator” and “activator”. These two play the role of messengers and are responsible for the communication between cells throughout our body. Also known as Signaling molecules, they activate the body’s antioxidant compounds – Glutathione, SOD and Catalase.
In simpler terms, Redox signaling molecules are substances that are produced naturally within each cell of the body. When the cells are required to perform various functions, they generate two kinds of signaling molecules.
The first set of “activator” molecules trigger the antioxidants stored in the body. Antioxidants are extremely effective in fighting off the damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress; however they cannot function unless activated by the signaling molecules. Thus you require the Redox signaling ‘activator’ molecules to get the antioxidants to work.
The second set of “communicator” molecules is responsible for enabling proper communication between the cells of the body, ensuring optimum performance of the immune system and  protecting the body against external stimuli such as harmful bacteria, viruses etc. The millions of cells in our body are able to properly communicate and function because of the Redox signaling molecules.

 The fact that Asea has no nutritional value whatsoever but rather empowers each of our 75 trillion cells to be more efficient is intriguing. The fact that all plant and animal life on earth produces redox signaling molecules and uses them both for communication and for protection is even more intriguing. It's as if you see a fire, call 911 on your cell phone then start to put the fire out because your cell phone is also a fire extinguisher! The redox signaling molecules in ASEA are bioactive, meaning they have specific tasks inside the body. Redox signaling molecules are highly reactive, meaning that depending on their variety—and there are 16 varieties in ASEA— they either lose or gain an electron to other molecules. Finally, redox signaling molecules are both anti-microbial and non-toxic. The technology originally was envisioned as a way to sterilize dental and surgical equipment. When Dr. Samuelson was asked to examine the original research he was dumbfounded to learn that these molecules could both destroy bacteria while being completely transparent to lung endothelial cells, some of the most delicate cells in our bodies. The answer lies in the fact that redox signaling molecules are produced by our own cells. While most of us struggle to understand health on a molecular level our cells know exactly what to do with redox signaling molecules.

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