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Make Up Eraser Review
  "Necessity is the mother of invention," is a popular idiom that is at the heart of MakeUp Eraser. In 2012, a 3-generation family of women came up with the idea for a soft and machine-washable washcloth that could quickly remove makeup, even notoriously stubborn cosmetics like eyeliner and waterproof mascara. After testing many different materials, the women decided on the polyester-blended cloth with hand-sewn edges that is still sold today. In fact, co-founder Elexsis McCarthy is the MakeUp Eraser user with the longest tenure.

The MakeUp Eraser is unique in its ability to cleanse the face without requiring additional cleansing products. Customers simply dampen the washcloth with warm water before gently rubbing it over their face. Excess oil, dirt, debris and makeup melt away in mere moments without irritating the delicate skin of the face.

McCarthy, along with co-founder Daniel McCarthy, have made it MakeUp Eraser's ongoing mission to provide customers with the best possible products and service. Since 2012, MakeUp Eraser's line of products has grown from just the Original MakeUp Eraser to include the MakeUp Eraser in a variety of colors plus makeup bags, fiber mascaras and more. Shop HERE

 Nothing is more irritating than rubbing a rough paper cloth or a body wash cloth doused with makeup remover over your delicate eye and facial skin. For all of the time and money you spend moisturizing and taking care of your complexion, shouldn't you invest in a makeup remover designed to melt away makeup and dirt without causing damage? MakeUp Eraser Makeup Eraser was developed to solve this exact problem.

Despite the fact that this soft polyester and hot pink facial cloth has hand-sewn edges, it's strong enough to endure up to 1,000 uses and machine- or hand- washes. Simply add warm water (because no additional cleansing product needed) to begin using a makeup remover that works as hard as you do.

Make Eraser Reviews

 I have EIGHT of these! I just can't get enough!! FYI: I am a total beauty junkie, and I wear a ton of makeup every day.They remove everything, and save me from purchasing a new makeup remover every month. Yes, I was going through remover that quickly. Yes, I've tried almost every single makeup remover imaginable. These are a life saver! 10/10 I will never be without these again.

 Mary says
I can't NOT have one of these. I even bring it on vacation. I've purchased this as a gift many times over and many of my friends and family are impressed and can't live with out this in their lives. I usually use a little oil with this but I think it has an impact on how long it lasts. I just bought my second one after about 7 months. Now I'm using this 5 out of 7 days of the week, I work in cosmetics and it works on EVERYTHING, and I wear A LOT of makeup. Just try it. It's amazing. Oh and really wash it before you use it the first time lol trust me


4 Years Strong
I've had a makeup eraser since Makeup Eraser first started. Got a new one about a year ago and I have never had a problem with it. My old eraser lasted about 4 years and it didn't lose its magic it just wasn't as soft. I love my makeup eraser and am never going to waste my money on any wipes again!! It did hurt the corner of my eyes a bit but it's because you need to apply ENOUGH WATER!!! Otherwise it maybe uncomfortable. Even though it says wash delicate, I just wash mine on regular like I would a towel. And like a towel, I leave mine hanging like a towel so it doesn't smell. 100% recommend the makeup eraser to anyone no matter what skin type you have :')


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