Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Got a little heavy-handed with your blush or lipstick

Oops! Got a little heavy-handed with your blush or lipstick? Instead of sudsing up and starting over, undo missteps with these easy tips.
1. Tone down cheek color.
When you've put on too much powder blush, sweep a clean, fluffy brush across your cheek, then wipe it on a towel to remove the excess, suggests Theresa Robison of Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. Continue brushing and wiping until you get the right intensity. For cream blushes, lightly smooth on a dab of lotion to water down the color. Or, add a swipe of foundation or translucent powder on top.
2. Soften eye shadow.
By layering a lighter shade over it you can make harsh shadow much more palatable says Robison. Thankfully, a shimmery taupe neutralizes most colors. Or, simply brush your foundation on top of the bright shade to tone it down.
3. Remove heavy lipstick.
If you've overloaded your lips with color (or used the wrong one entirely), apply a clear gloss or balm over it, then blot with a tissue, recommends Robison. Repeat until you've subdued or removed the offending layers.
4. Fix eyeliner smudges.
Run a cotton swab over eyeliner to soften the color, or dip it in makeup remover first to fix a wonky line, suggests Good Houskeeping's Beauty Director April Franzino. If this happens often, there are also cotton swabs that come pre-soaked in makeup remover for quick fixes.
5. Remove mascara mishaps.
If your lashes look a little clumpy, put a very small amount of moisturizer on your fingers and pinch the offending clump. This will release the buildup.

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