Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hollywood Beauty Secrets

 Listen to author Sandy DeRose as tells us all about the anti-aging  secrets of Hollywood. Sandy has written 3 books all about natural health and beauty.
Everything I ever learned about not looking old I learned from looking at my grandmother.
As much as I adored and loved my grandmother, that’s how much I didn’t want to age like her.
I was probably about 16 when I noticed how wrinkled she was (her health was poor as well). It was at that time I realized how much I was like her. I asked my mom why she looked so old. Her reply was because she didn’t take care of herself.
Well that was enough for me to start my search on how to take care of my skin and my health. I read every magazine I could get my hands on and looked into as many kitchen remedies as I could.
My next step was to go to the public library – yes it was the prehistoric, pre-internet era. And that’s when I started collecting knowledge about healthy living and recipes for maintaining a youthful appearance.
Years later I learned about clinical research and studies and my searches became even more valuable.
You see, I got a chance to develop skincare products and supplements for a world-renowned, anti-aging doctor. Not to be confused with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon – this doctor works from the inside out and so I now connect to two worlds.
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