Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Embarrassed by cellulite

There’s one flaw nearly every woman struggles to hide (especially this time of year).

It’s extremely common — and it can be very embarrassing.

I’m talking about cellulite.

Now, cellulite isn’t always a sign of aging — it's more visible on older (and therefore thinner) skin, but can easily develop when you’re young as well.

Cellulite has nothing to do with your size either (contrary to popular belief dimpled skin isn’t fat, but rather uneven collagen deposits in the tissues of your skin)…so skinny people get it too!

And not only does cellulite ruin your confidence, it’s also very hard to get rid of.

Well, a few months ago, one of my clients — a lovely woman named Beth — told me about a DIY cellulite-smoothing technique that she’s used for years.

“I wouldn’t have the courage to put on a bathing suit without it,” she gushed.

Beth happened to be a college swim team coach, so she knew a thing or two about looking her best in a bathing suit…

And best of all, her solution can easily be whipped up in the kitchen, using ingredients most people already have (but it’s not the typical ‘coffee’ treatment you often read about on beauty blogs!).

I’ve been sharing it with my clients here in Beverly Hills ever since, and it’s gotten nothing but rave reviews...

So with bathing suit season right around the corner, I’d like to share it with you today.

What you’ll need:

* 1/4 cup coffee grounds

* 3 tablespoons brown sugar

* 3 tablespoons olive oil

* About 20 rose petals (fresh or dried)

* 3 green tea bags

* 1 cup water

* 1 popsicle mold (or small plastic cup)

* Clean hand towel

Step 1. (Night before)

Combine water, tea bags, and rose petals in a sauce pan or tea kettle. Bring to a boil — then remove from heat and let cool for 15 minutes.

Pick out the tea bags and pour the rest of mixture (including rose petals) into your popsicle mold.

Freeze overnight — this will serve as your ‘anti-cellulite cooling block’ later on.

Step 2. (Day of)

Before to taking a shower: Combine coffee grounds, sugar, and olive oil in a plastic bowl or Tupperware container.

Stir mixture until smooth — this will serve as your anti-cellulite body scrub.

In the shower: After wetting your skin, apply the body scrub to all areas where cellulite is present.

Massage each area firmly for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Post shower: Remove the frozen cooling block from its mold and place into a clean hand towel.

Note: The towel should serve as a barrier between your hand and the ice, but leave an opening to allow direct contact with the areas of your body you want to improve.

Use the ice to massage each area of skin in a slow circular motion for at least 30 seconds before moving on to the next one (for best results, repeat 2-3 times).

Then dry off and carry on with your post-shower routine as usual.

This process is designed to instantly reduce the appearance of cellulite — but for maximum results, it should be performed at least once a week.

Why it works: My clients love this DIY cellulite-buster because it gives them the look they want, using ordinary ingredients...

But there’s actually a lot science behind its effects.

First and foremost, it’s multifaceted.

The caffeine in coffee grounds boosts circulation and energizes your skin — which helps breaks up the look of hardened, lumpy-looking cellulite...

Meanwhile the brown sugar granules even out and “resurface” your skin’s appearance.

Phase two delivers a different — but equally powerful — set of cellulite-reducing benefits.

Green tea gives your skin an additional dose of caffeine for extended 'energy,' rose petals help to tone newly resurfaced skin...

And after a hot shower, the temperature contrast from the ice itself stimulates blood flow, and temporarily gives your skin a smoother, more uniform look.

Now, I’ll be honest, this process won’t give you the same effects as a professional procedure, but it’s a very worthy alternative if you’re short on time, or on a budget.

After all, with so many natural cellulite-fighting forces working together...you're bound to get spectacular results!


All the best,
from Beverly Hills M D


  1. Wow! Where have you been all my life! This is a keeper! I found you at Creative Spark!

    1. Lol I been right here! Thanks for dropping by!


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