Monday, August 3, 2015

How To Treat A Sunburn Podcast

The beauty advisor  answers the  questions about the use of coconut oil as a skin care moisturize. There are pros and cons so listen in and  find out what's being said. Next tune-in  as miss Hack   gives some  great tips on treating sunburns.  
We'd like to think an ounce of sunburn prevention is worth a pound of sunburn relief. After all, just five regular sunburns in your lifetime can double your chance of getting melanoma. But, like a certain four-letter word, sunburns happen, which is why even sunscreen zealots like us need to seek sunburn remedies from time to time.

When you first notice you've gotten burned, the best thing you can do for sunburn relief is to head indoors or seek shade. Unfortunately, you can't magically get rid of a sunburn or reverse the damage to your skin, but you can take steps to relieve the redness, pain and swelling associated with sunburn. So we picked the brains of top dermatologists to learn the best ways to treat sunburn. You Can listen, download or subscribe to  the show in iTunes here:


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