Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beauty Tips For The Beautiful Mature Women

 On this episode listen in as  Beauty Advisor Deanna lynn  talks about finding an old school friend on Facebook. This is a friend who wants desperately  more beauty tips for older women who want to look their best.Deanna share some general tips and guild lines for the mature women.One of Deanna's  recommendation for the mature girl is a Lip Plumper. A Lip Plumper  can help stimulate collagen keeping the lips full and younger looking. Our Beauty Advisor recommends the VuDu  Lip Plummer from Blackbox Cosmetics  featured below:
Using the most advanced lip-plumping technology, we have created a unique lip gloss that utilizes a variety of effective peptides and nutrients to give you the most gorgeous lips possible in a matter of minutes. Some of these same peptides will give you long-lasting benefits that will not only make your lips fuller, but improve their overall health and condition... making them smoother. VuDu Lips Gloss products produce a beautiful satiny shine, taste/smell great, and are paraben/toxin-free. ICE Lip Plumper produces a nice cooling sensation.
Along with this amazing lip plumper she also recommends using a nightly a lip balm below :
Not your typical lip balm or chapstick, VuDu Cosmetics Lip Plumper Balm is a combination of the most advanced lip protection and lip-plumping technology. Testers state it’s the best lip balm they have ever used with incredible staying power. We took a unique approach to lip-plumping by combining it with a product our customers want and use every day. This is important, because our lip-plumping technology is not only designed to give you thicker/fuller lips in a matter of minutes, but many of the peptides and nutrients within have long-lasting benefits as well. Your lips will be fuller, healthier, and protected. All of this for a fraction of the cost of most lip plumpers. VuDu Lip balms taste/smell great, and are paraben/toxin-free. Fire Lip Plumper produces a nice warming sensation.


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