Saturday, May 14, 2016


Body Potion
Available this May, just in time for swimsuit season!

This may be one of the most exciting products we have ever developed at BlackBox Cosmetics! Working with a subsidiary of one of the largest companies in the world and their ground-breaking new ingredient, we are proud to announce we have developed a spot-reduction, toning, and cellulite cream that is so incredible, I believe it will eclipse sales of any new product we have ever launched in the past! In fact, due to the vast size of the skin-care and weight loss markets combined, it could be our #1 selling product AND in record time. The marketing potential for Body Potion is mind boggling when you consider the possibilities. 
I have always believed our products stand alone in a crowd of products that are toxic, loaded with water, have minimal effective ingredients and smell terrible. Body Potion can be added to our list of amazing products that tower above the others, but really it is a new product in a league of its own. There is something very exciting about the lucrative opportunity this new product presents and our sales associates are in a unique position to see great benefit from this opportunity.
What is Body Potion?
For the past few years we've been combining oral AND topical thermogenic ingredients in a quest to develop truly beneficial non-toxic weight loss and cellulite-reducing products. Our proprietary combination of thermogenic ingredients and penetration enhancers use safe ingredients to help speed up the body's fat-burning process within the outer layer of fat cells. Simply put... combined with a new breakthrough ingredient, application of Body Potion speeds up activity and energy use within the fat cell. Fat cells shrink in size, which in turn shows up as loss of inches, improved tone & definition, and reduction in cellulite. Exercise improves and speeds up the results. Take a look at the study results below from an in vivo test performed on a selected panel of women volunteers between the ages of 35-50 years old with sedentary lifestyles:
Compare the results to cosmetic procedures like Cool Sculpting or Laser Sculpting. Those procedures cost thousands of dollars and require multiple visits to the cosmetic surgeon's office. Body Potion can be applied in the privacy of your own home at a very affordable price.
As most of you know, I have been in the health and nutrition industry most of my life. You might imagine, exercise is at or near the top of my list of importance. I believe it is a necessary component of good health. Having said that, after years of training, almost everyone that exercises hits a plateau. I'm no different. From that point it's only a matter of small improvements or trying to "keep" hard-fought gains. For the past few weeks I've personally been testing Body Potion on myself in combination with exercise. I'm completely amazed with my results in such a short period of time! I've been applying and massaging it into my midsection using the massage applicator we will provide with every order (which feels amazing). I apply the lotion prior to every workout and on days where I rest or miss a workout as well. I have more definition and tone in my midsection than I have seen in many years... with no change in my diet or exercise. As a matter-of-fact, we are so busy at BlackBox I miss workouts more frequently than in the past. Yet I'm still seeing improvement. I'm a fairly private guy and reluctant to share my own photos, but everyone here is encouraging(prodding is more like it) me to do so at the end of my personal test. We shall see.
Body Potion will be available before the end of the month in our large 9.25 ounce airless pump bottle. As mentioned, it comes with our massage applicator seen here.
For the first time ever, we will be taking preorders for this product due to our belief sales will be unprecedented. As a special offer, Body Potion will be available at a preorder-reduced introductory price (10% discount) and shipped by May 30th. Of course ISA's receive an additional 20% discount off of retail. If other products are ordered at the same time, those will ship immediately. To take advantage of this special preorder discount promotion, please click on our link at the bottom of this newsletter.

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